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Event Summary:
In August of 2018, Nashville hosted the USGA 118th U.S. Women’s Amateur. The weeklong tournament kicked off with an elegant welcome reception for attendees. Big Events, Inc. was selected to design, decorate, and plan the Welcome Reception at the Country Music Hall of Fame. In recognition of the young women playing in the tournament (aged 12-25), the opening night theme was “champion gold”. We gave them the star treatment to start the week off in style. In the end, both the client and the attendees were blown away by what the evening had in store. We exceeded all expectations and completely blew the planning committee, the players, and their families away!

Event Location: Country Music Hall of Fame
The opening night reception, which accommodated 350 guests, took place at the Country Music Hall of Fame. The event was held in the Event Hall, which included the Carlton Family Terrace. This allowed us to make use of both indoor and outdoor space. Both the Event Hall and the Carlton Family Terrace are large, versatile spaces that boast an inspiring view of downtown Nashville.

Event Planning Services Provided: 
A blend of Destination Management and Full-Service Event Planning was provided by Big Events, Inc. We worked in conjunction with Strategic Hospitality to give attendees a thrilling and memorable experience from design & concept, vendor management, to on-site installation & activation. 

Red Carpet Experience
When guests arrived at the Country Music Hall of Fame, they were greeted by Tim McGraw and Dolly Parton celebrity impersonators. The impersonators so closely resembled the country music legends that some guests broke out into tears upon seeing them. Needless to say, they were dazzled right off the bat. Tim and Dolly welcomes guest to their own Red Carpet where staged paparazzi enthusiastically took their photos. Flashing bulbs and lifelike wax sculptures of Taylor Swift and Jason Aldean, courtesy of Madame Tussauds, made the guests feel like real stars. 

Green Room & Dressing Room Experience
Guests were able to explore The Green Room & Dressing Room Experience as it is an exact replica of the accommodations we provide for Big Name Musicians & Artists. Attendees could lounge in the Green Room and/or get their hair & makeup done from industry trained make-up & hair artists. 

DIY Screen Printing
This experiential activity gives guests the opportunity to screen print a commemorative take-home gift. For this event, guests screen printed their own custom canvas poster. The poster makes for an excellent keepsake to remember their fabulous evening on the opening night of the 118th U.S. Women’s Amateur.

Yard Games On The Carlton Family Terrace
The Country Music Hall of Fame’s beautiful Carlton Family Terrace was adorned with string lights and lounge seating. In addition to having one of the best rooftop views in downtown Nashville, the Carlton Family Terrace was loaded with games and fun activities that are suitable for breaking the ice. Lifesize Jenga, Connect Four, Cornhole, and Ladder Toss. Fun.

Music City Menu
The menus for both Reception and Dinner gave guests a taste of some of Nashville’s most popular culinary delicacies. You may already be aware, but we take hot chicken seriously here in Music City. And we wanted to make sure that they got to experience the phenomenon first hand. We showed attendees southern hospitality with a proper southern menu consisting of Hot Chicken Bites, a DIY Mac & Cheese bar, and fresh Biscuits. Need we say more? YUMMY.

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The USGA Opening Night Reception Was A Hit!

The opening night reception of the 118th U.S. Women’s Amateur in Nashville was very well received. Feedback from Strategic Hospitality included, “Y’all were such a hit!” and “We’ve received so many compliments about the party!” are just a taste of the positive feedback. We were thrilled to be able to show the talented young women playing in this tournament what true southern hospitality is all about. They’re all stars, and so we wanted to give them the star treatment! It’s always our goal to thrill and delight with new and memorable experiences—no matter the event! 

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