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(Q) How does Big Events, Inc. develop an event theme and décor decisions? 

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First, it is always a collaboration with our clients. We love to start the discussion with an overview on colors, general theme direction and desired event vibe. Budget and the venue play a huge role of course. We use a variety of tools for research and inspiration - everything from Pinterest, fashion, to nature and interior design. Creativity is almost always about finding the balance between a BIG idea and the cost of executing it. 

(q) What does it mean to be an “Experience Designer?” 

An "experience designer" is an event designer/planner who creates and executes an event with the overall guest experience in front of their mind. Essentially, we are artists and an event is our 3-D canvas! A canvas which invites guests to use all of their senses for a complete experience. Visually, all the décor elements must work cohesively to define the space and execute the theme. Lighting sets the mood. Technology adds something unexpected. Linens can offer a luxurious texture. Music and key talent  is undeniably important and has the power to bring the party to life. Great food and impeccable catering service are always memorable – people always want a delicious meal. Flowers with candlelight can turn any old table in to something special! An event is an sensory experience and it is vitally important to us that each detail be perfect. 

(Q) How do you Execute large installations day-of?

We have a great team! A diverse team of creatives and logistic pros means any installation day-of is well-managed. A thoughtfully planned-out installation, whether it is a red carpet, custom graphics, floral walls, or high-tech elements, starts with pre-production. We strive to build and produce as much as we can prior to arrival. The event day schedule is important as well. Creating a load-in schedule which allows time to install and/or build the rest onsite smoothly is key. 

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